The room will be evenly cool. Central air conditioning allows for the proper circulation of coolness without one part of the room feeling like the Sahara and the other the Arctic Circle.

Before you decide to get a central air conditioning system installed, here are 3 things you should know:

1. There is no need for ducts

If you are someone who has had an old air conditioning system for a long time, getting vents would be an inconvenience. In case you don’t want to go through that, there is an option where your air conditioning service provider can connect your air conditioning unit to the ducts that exist inside the walls of your home. These ducts may not be good and will make you lose 20% of the cooled air, which is why it is better to have the ducts inspected before applying for a central air conditioning system installation.

2. Know the size needed

Air conditioning is measured in tons, which is basically the amount of cooling energy released by a one ton block of ice melting. A normal two storey house requires about 3 to 3.5 tons of cooling. The thing about the right size is that you need to know what is perfect for your house. Too much cooling in tons means that you will be decreasing the time it takes to cool the air, but this would not effectively dehumidify the air in your house which is important for comfort. A small system will be running constantly which will shoot your power bill through the roof. Air conditioning service providers can suggest the right amount of cooling tons that you need.

3. Winter is the right time

As winter comes, people start investing in heating systems which is obviously necessary, but if you have enough money to invest in a central air conditioning system, winter is the perfect time to get it installed. Due to lesser demand, you will spend less money if you get it installed in the months of June or July. Contact your Air Conditioning service provider and get installing.


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