When times are economically difficult it is important to remember where the money is and how to get your product to appeal to market.

If you are in the building trade then now is the time to target the top end of the market. There is still activity in the luxury property market. However, this is a competitive market. It is not just about making the property look like a luxury home, it has to function like one. Underfloor heating for the cooler months and air conditioning for the warmer months. The more comfortable a home is the more people will appreciate it.

There was a time when no one would have considered these for a home, they were primarily used in offices. Now things are changing. Not only are we expecting a higher standard of living, but the manufacturing and design of these products have moved on and made the units small and more efficient.

Below are the three main reasons why luxury homes are now being fitted with central home air conditioning systems.

1. Central air con means that you will not have he potentially ugly and obtrusive equipment which accompany wall or window mounted air conditioning or even the portable air condition units. Although these are very useful to cooling one room, they are certainly not the top end of the market.

2. Central air conditioning can also control the humidity and if you have allergies is a great way to filter out these allergens (but you will obviously have to keep some doors and windows closed). The central control system means that you can run it like central heating. You create your own setting so that the property is kept exactly to suit your personal requirements.

3. Finally, if you are building or renovating a property for the luxury end of the market then it is important include as many value adding features as possible. By fitting home air conditioning systems at the appropriate time of the build or renovation you will be able to considerably reduce the cost as you will not have to re-do any work already done.

It is important to remember that a good investment is about getting quality for your money. If someone is paying you handsomely then they will be expecting something special in return. It is important to register all central home air conditioning systems which you install with the manufacturer to ensure that they are eligible for the maximum guarantees.



source: Ezinearticles

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