Heating And Cooling Systems Tips To Save Energy Cost

Heating and cooling systems is a mandatory requirement in every house to keep it warm during winters and cold during summers and provide to your family members. These air conditioning systems are usually placed outside the home in the basement or in the garage. This is because these systems are big in size and while it is functioning it generates lot of heat.

Several homeowners complain that their air conditioning systems consume a lot of energy and they have to bear the high energy bills. If you are looking for ideal to save on your high energy bills while still retaining the comfort in your home, introducing the following minor changes in the way your operate your air conditioning system will greatly help your cause.

Maintain a HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system:

If you don’t maintain your HVAC system well, it will not function at its best. Regular maintenance and prompt HVAC repair will keep your system working efficiently for long and consequently it would help you reduce your energy bills. If you find any fault with the working of your HVAC system make sure you hire a professional HVAC technician to fix the problem.

Have a good insulation system:

Insulation works as a blanket cover in your home. During winters, it keeps the hot air in and the cold air outside your home and it does the opposite in the summer season. By preventing the hot or cooled air escaping your home will greatly reduce your energy expenses.

Frequently change the air filters:

A clean air filter not only maximizes the efficiency of the heating and air conditioning system but also helps you in lowering the energy consumption. You must regularly change the air filters after every 30 days to ensure that you air conditioning system work well for long.

Keep the exhaust fans switched off:

Kitchen and bathroom fans are designed to pull odors, steam and smoke from other rooms in the house. These fans also have the capacity to pull the cooled or heated air out of your home. Make sure that your keep your exhaust fans usage to the minimal; switch off the fans when it is not required.

Clear Vents:

Make sure that the rugs, furniture and other things in the house don’t obstruct the flow air through vents. Dust off the air vents regularly and keep them clean and clear.

Install drapes:

Keep your drapes closed at nights during winter season. This will help in keeping your home warm by preventing the hot air from escaping through the windows. During summer season, you must keep your drapes closed during day time so that it obstructs the sun heat coming through your windows and make the air inside the home warm.

Use programmable thermostats:

This is a very useful if you go out of your home at fixed hours in the day. These appliances automatically turn off when the room temperature reaches the programmed temperature.




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