Heating And Cooling Systems Maintenance Affects Performance

Heating and cooling systems need to be properly maintained for optimal performance. Even the most advanced heat pump or air conditioner is subject to wear and tear. As with any other machine or piece of equipment, regular checks, timely tweaks and small repairs eliminate the stress of a sudden breakdown. You can also avoid replacement expenses.

As fall arrives, making sure that your heating system is ready for the coming season should be at the top of your list. Losing heat in the winter is not pleasant. In the case of commercial establishments, unplanned downtime could seriously affect business and profits.

So as you feel that nip in the air and colors start to change it’s time to give your system a test run.

Tips on maintaining heating and cooling systems

Check that it’s properly plugged in to the power source
If you use oil or propane see that your tank is topped up
For a gas or oil furnace check to see if the pilot light is on
Make sure all vents are clear and unobstructed (and your ducts are clean) so that the air and heat can flow freely
Change your air filter in a timely manner – heating and cooling systems have to work overtime when the filter is clogged and can break down
Turn the thermostat on (you may have to increase the setting a bit initially for the warm air to start flowing through)
Schedule seasonal maintainence by a licensed technician to ensure you have a comfortable and cozy winter
Consider updating your heat pump if it’s more than 13 years old; chances are that is not running at peak efficiency and is consuming too much energy

Repairs, maintenance and installation of heating and cooling systems should only be carried out by qualified HVAC contractors. System performance and occupant safety depend on it.

Heating and Cooling Systems: Installation, Maintenance and Repairs

An experienced HVAC contractor will provide a guarantee on all work. Heating and cooling systems are responsible for indoor air quality, equitable temperatures, comfort and a significant amount of your energy bills.

A reputed and professional heating and cooling service has years of industry experience. They guarantee a good job each and everytime. Their business has grown largely through the glowing referals of the residential and commercial customers.

Expert installations: They install top quality systems. No matter how small or large your property is they will identify the perfect equipment, make sure it’s correctly fitted and delivers the performance and savings it was designed for. They can help with tax credits on geothermal heating and cooling systems (30%) or any other new furnaces, central air conditioners and heat pumps.

Meticulous maintenance: Seasonal checks and tweaks are essential for optimal performance and energy savings. Our bi-annual Maintenance Service Plan for heating and cooling systems will make sure that your family or employees are comfortable all year round.

Seamless repairs: Their NATE certification and high BBB rating assures quality work and service. With the wide-ranging experience of their team, they can restore any type of heating and cooling system to optimal efficiency. However, they’ll also let you know when it’s more cost-effective to replace it.



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