The Time for Air Conditioning Service Is Before the Heat Wave Hits


Summertime temperatures are heating up across the country, and that means it’s time to make some important household maintenance checks in order to ensure the comfort and quality of your indoor air. As any responsible homeowner knows, a small investment in annual, routine maintenance can help you prevent large, more serious repair problems in the days ahead.

When temperatures and humidity levels begin to rise, the air inside your home can quickly become stale and stifling. Even simple, everyday tasks such as drying your hair or running the vacuum can leave you feeling sweaty and uncomfortable. And if your bedroom is upstairs, where the hottest air tends to settle, it can be almost impossible to get a good night’s sleep. Of course, you could turn on your air conditioning unit or central air, but after so many months of not being used, what if you discover it no longer works? You’ll be left scrambling to find an air conditioner repair service right at the height of the heat wave, when getting a same-day appointment can be a whole lot harder. So don’t wait until the peak of the summer season to make certain you’ll have cool air. Contact your local heating and cooling specialist today for timely preventative air conditioning service. With the recent weather fluctuations all around the country, you never know when extreme temperatures will strike. This way, you’ll be prepared to keep the air inside your home cool and comfortable, whatever Mother Nature sends your way.

To maximize the efficiency of your home’s central air conditioning, as well as safeguard the quality of the air you’re breathing, why not enhance your routine maintenance check to include an air duct cleaning? Without regular, thorough duct cleaning services, you could be blowing bacteria, pollen, dust, and other allergens into your household air every time the air conditioner kicks on. A professional local heating and cooling contractor can make a clean sweep of your home’s forced air cooling system, from the supply and return air ducts to the registers and grilles to the coils, diffusers, and housings. A comprehensive air duct cleaning is especially helpful for anyone who suffers from respiratory ailments or seasonal allergies.

So pick up the phone today to protect the quality and comfort of the air inside your home, just in time for the rising temperatures ahead. Your hometown HVAC specialist can help you ensure your home stays comfortably cool with air conditioner repair and maintenance services.


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