Give Your Air Conditioner Perfect Service For Summer Comfort


We are aware that we just need to pay a small amount to auto mechanics for routine maintenance, or pay them a large amount a lot later for a large repair. The same principle holds true for your air conditioning unit. You may find yourself with a fat bill if you fail to service them regularly.

The air conditioner is designed as a really tough device which is capable of withstanding all types of abuse and yet keep giving you service. This feature though great, may sometimes lead to carelessness about its maintenance. Like any other device, air conditioners require regular tune-ups for working at the full efficiency.

If you are not regular about the air conditioner maintenance, it would loose about 6 % of its real efficiency every year. Regular tune-ups help them maintain about 96 % of their real efficiency.

Air conditioning service would require a check up of compressor air draw, cleaning up of the coils of condensing unit, fan motor oiling, making sure that the belts are properly in place and also examine the operating temp and pressure of the unit conforms to the manufacturer’s specifications.
A mechanic would also make sure that the coolant level in the unit is normal. If the coolant level is less, then it must be added to make it normal for efficient unit operation.

Apart from the maintenance you may undertake yearly, you can do some additional steps to ensure good AC unit operation. You can purchase good filters and replace them on a regular basis. You should remove materials away from the outer part of your air conditioner.
Another great idea is to keep the air supply outlets open in your residence. When you close the supply outlets, it becomes damaging for the entire system.

When you make it a point to service your air conditioners on a regular basis they again gain their efficiency to the maximum level and would not suffer any significant outage. In fact they work more efficiently to make you more comfortable.
Moreover, the cost of annual maintenance is recovered by you in the form of savings in your electricity bill and almost negligible repairs in between the annual tune-ups.


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