It’s Autumn So Get Your Furnace Serviced!


September 23nd marks the first day of autumn on the 2017 calendar. This means we can start to anticipate some weather and climate changes soon.
Soon leaves will be changing color, winds will pick up speed, and temperatures will cool off. So before the busy season for HVAC service begins, get a head start by planning professional furnace inspection and maintenance right now!
This day of the year is the perfect time to outsource furnace service, for both residential and commercial properties. If you don’t want to be stuck without sufficient heat this fall, now is the time to take action!

Furnace Cleaning

Did you know that dirt is the number one enemy of your furnace? Dirt and other airborne pollutants can cause mayhem within your furnace if left to its own devices. It can clog furnace filters, which forces your unit to work harder, increasing energy consumption and decreasing indoor air quality.
Dirt can also disrupt the motor, weaken overall performance, and corrode interior components overtime.
For this reason, routine furnace cleaning is vital to ensure your unit stays efficient and reliable through the fall and winter seasons. This includes regular filter changes, which you can easily do on your own.

Furnace Inspections

You haven’t used your furnace since before summer, so who knows what condition it is in right now. A seasonal furnace inspection can locate small problems in early stages to prevent them from turning into costly and inconvenient ones later on.
An issue ignored can suddenly take a turn for the worst, leaving you without heat in the dead of winter. And no one wants to stay in a hotel for days or weeks while waiting for furnace repair services.
So having your furnace inspected by a licensed HVAC professional is the best preventative maintenance you can buy for yourself and your family. It will save you time, money, and frustration.

Furnace Repair

Before the cold weather is here, be sure your furnace is ready to perform. After an inspection, you can have all the necessary repairs and replacements taken care of to ensure a comfortable fall and winter. This way, you never have to worry about spontaneous problems or unexpected expenses.
Be sure to choose a reputable HVAC repair company for excellent customer service and quality workmanship. Look for experience and positive customer reviews when searching for a reliable heating and cooling service. These are great indications of a dependable company you can trust.


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