A Few Advantages Of Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance


Air conditioning repair & maintenance are under the guidance of The Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) which offers some helpful tips on establishing and maintaining healthy indoor environments. Reputable service companies follow these steps to help lower your electric bill and ensure smooth, safe operation of your HVAC system. Here are a few of the most important issues to address in maintaining creature comfort in homes and offices, and in avoiding costly repairs and replacements.

Most people are not aware that their heating and cooling system puts a 40% drain on their electric bill. These HVACs are responsible for the bulk of the monthly utility bills. Some of the following tips help lower the amount of power needed to maintain indoor comfort settings. This economic measure starts with the simple requirements.

Seasonal air conditioning maintenance includes the basics of changing the filter often. This is one thing that is easy to forget and over time the dust and dirt build up actually chokes the entire system down and causes a greater drain on power consumption. Keeping the filter clean reduces your electric bill by 5 to 15%.

Keep in mind that it is a good idea to shut the system down before taking the filter out. This helps prevent dust and dirt from blowing through the vents and getting on all of the furniture and carpets. Then be sure to replace the filter following the exact manufacturers’ instructions. Some of these systems have filters designed that only allow air flow in one direction.

The outdoor unit needs to be kept free of clutter and debris that blocks incoming clean air. Keep all leaves, grass cuttings, and growing grass and weeds away from the condensing unit. Even low hanging limbs of trees and shrubs can interfere with the flow of air and cause the system to burn out.

Anything that gets into the fins of the condensing unit reduces its efficiency. To remove such things as grass cuttings, simply turn the system off and use a garden hose with directional spray attachment to force a fine bead of water into the recesses. This should remove all particles of small debris that have lodged themselves inside the condenser housing.

Inside the building, make sure all furniture and other items are not sitting over any of the air vents. You can close off unused rooms, but you can consider installing zone controls that automatically set the temperature in unused areas and save another 20% off your electric bill. Fan speeds make a big difference. In humid conditions, simply use a slower fan speed. The breeze will not be as strong, but the cooling effect will be just as efficient.

AHRI suggests that homeowners hire professional service representatives for air conditioning repair & maintenance to maintain and evacuate the system, check and maintain coolant levels, search for leaks around ducts, and inspect and clean all electrical connections, belts and oil motors for wear and loose fittings. Consumers are not always aware that most service companies accept 100% financing with credit approval.

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