The Importance of Pre-Winter Maintenance for Heating Systems


Heater Winterizing Improves Efficiency and Your Personal Safety

Pre-winter furnace repair and cleaning is critical to your safety!

While winterizing steps may seem a little far off as the temperatures are still warm and Indian summer is upon us, the seasons will change soon. One of the top winterizing steps when it comes to home and office maintenance is getting the furnace inspected, cleaned and ready to keep the heat flowing.

Time and again, it’s clear that dirt and neglect are the primary cause of HVAC system failures and inefficiencies. One of the most important parts of wintertime living is staying warm and comfortable as the temperatures plummet. HVAC professionals can get very busy in the early months of fall, so calling early is critical to ensuring that you’re ready before their schedules get too packed.

In addition, many gas and electric companies remind their customers to inspect their furnaces and perform any needed maintenance well ahead of winter weather because failure to perform such maintenance on gas appliances can result in carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide exposure causes severe nausea, drowsiness, and flu-like systems and even death, in some cases. While carbon monoxide alarms are a good secondary caution, ensuring that your furnace is operating properly is critical to avoiding exposure from the start.

Critical Furnace Maintenance Procedures

Electric and gas furnaces should be checked at least once a year by a licensed heating service contractor who will:

– Vacuum around the furnace to remove built-up dirt, dust, and lint
– Remove any items that obstruct airflow into and out of the appliance
– Check the safety devices and the integrity of the heat exchanger
– Check forced air filters and clean or replace them, as necessary
– Check the gas flame to ensure that it is operating correctly
– Reinstall the front panel of the furnace properly – it should never be operated without that panel firmly in place

The advantage of an early maintenance check is that small issues are identified well ahead of the early winter rush.

Pre-Winter HVAC Repair and Systems Maintenance – Call in the Pros

Pre-winter HVAC maintenance should be done by the pros. The dependability of your furnace is critical in the winter months when every homeowner wants to ensure not only their personal comfort but that pipes won’t freeze and potential cold-weather damage is avoided.

Your furnace works hard for you all winter long – give it the maintenance it needs to keep it running smoothly and efficiently. This type of heating service appointment should take only 30-45 minutes on average, and it’s best to do it early in the season in case the need for repairs is discovered.


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