The Importance of Heating and Cooling System Check

Year in and year out the heating and cooling system in a home is depended upon to keep its residents comfortable. Many people don’t realize how the wear and tear on a heating and cooling system can add up over time. That’s why it’s a good idea to look into signing up for a yearly maintenance check. This is the minimum amount of maintenance that one should obtain for furnaces and air conditioning units to ensure that they work properly when needed. Some HVAC companies specialize in these maintenance checks, and also in many other important services such as plumbing and drain cleaning. Whether one lives in anywhere, finding a dependable company to install, repair and check a home’s systems is important, before an emergency occurs.

Often people get their furnace cleaned once per year. This is a good practice and hiring an experienced HVAC company to do the job will save time and trouble. The HVAC technician will clean the furnace and also install new filters and check the unit for any signs of wear that may require repairs. It’s a good idea to get the furnace serviced before the heating season starts so it will be in good working order before winter strikes.

Similarly an air conditioning unit needs maintenance attention. Every year before the cooling season begins one should engage a technician to check the AC unit and get it ready for the long summer ahead. This may also be the time to discuss with the technician if a new unit might do a more efficient job of cooling the home. Today’s air conditioners (and furnaces too) are much more efficient than the units produced just a few years ago. Utility companies usually offer rebates when homeowners install new, higher efficiency HVAC systems. There are tax credits people can claim on energy efficient furnaces and air conditioners, and all of these savings don’t even take into account the lower energy bills homeowners will enjoy.

Some people don’t want to wait for an emergency to catch them off guard. HVAC companies offer maintenance agreements for just this reason. Many maintenance agreements include the yearly checks for the heating and cooling system and also provide preferred status to people who sign up for this service. That means in the event of an emergency, the homeowners with maintenance agreements would be serviced ahead of those who did not have these plans in place. In addition, some HVAC companies provide discounts on their trip charges and other discounts for late night and holiday calls. A maintenance agreement can be a real lifesaver when the furnace or air conditioner stops working late on a Sunday night.

Getting acquainted with local HVAC companies before trouble starts is a good idea. Homeowners can make some inquiries to see what types of heating and cooling system installation, repair and maintenance plans they offer. Signing up for a plan can help ensure that the home stays comfortable year round. Whether one is building a new home, is looking to install a new heating and cooling system, or is trying to get a few more years out of an existing system, a maintenance plan can save money and trouble.


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