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The summer months can become much more comfortable with household air conditioning. There are several methods for cooling a house.
The simplest is to close the shades or blinds on the windows that face the afternoon sun. This is the hottest time of day, and the sun beating down into the house will heat it exponentially.
Leaving windows open on either side of the house for a cross breeze can also help keep it cool.

In hotter climates, however, these systems just don’t cut it. Mechanical units are needed to cool down the air in a closed building.

Cooling units typically fit into the average sized window. Window units like these require an outlet nearby from which to draw electricity. They draw air in and cool it before releasing it into the room.
As long as there are no other windows open, the temperature of the room will drop. AC units are often used in apartments or temporary housing because they can be relocated with little difficulty.

Central air conditioning is used in modern day housing. It works with a system of vents that pushes a cold breeze from the central condensing unit, usually located on the outside of the house. This system has filters that catch dust, pollen, mold spores, smoke, dirt, and everyday allergens.

There are many perks for buying air conditioning units that are energy efficient. Energy star certified cooling units can earn tax credits depending on the type purchased and save additional money by conserving energy.

Setting the temperature of the air conditioning unit is an important consideration. The most common temperature setting hovers around 72 degrees F, but to save energy, it is recommended to slowly raise the temperature one degree at a time to find what is most comfortable.
Many people can live comfortably at 78 degrees F. The higher the thermostat is set, the more money will be saved.

Programmable thermostats can save even more money and energy. Programs that raise the temperature while the homeowner is away, and then lower the temperature in preparation for their arrival, make the most energy sense.

Maintenance should be performed on air conditioning units every year. Many companies offer service specials in spring that include checking the amp draw of the compressor, cleaning the condensing unit coils, oiling the fan motors, and checking that the belts are well adjusted.

The most important thing to check is the coolant level, which is commonly known as Freon. A system only 10% low on coolant will cost a whopping 20% more to operate.


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