Recharging Air Conditioning Frequently Solves Your Cooling Problems

An air conditioners inability to cool is often directly linked to the refrigerant level in the unit. Adding refrigerant is the first thought that comes to mind when a unit quits cooling properly; however, this is not always the best solution for the problem. A correct charge and the right amount of fluid make a unit work appropriately. When an industrial air conditioning service does the commercial HVAC installation, they put in the right amount of refrigerant and set the balance for you. After thorough use, a refrigerant leak or a change in the charge may occur. This affects how the unit operates. Refrigerant itself never goes away. It doesn’t burn up or evaporate like other fluids. Additional refrigerant is only needed if a leak is present. Recharging air conditioning is the more realistic solution if a leak has not been found.

A leak needs to be detected and repaired by an industrial air conditioning service. Units with refrigerant leaks tend to cool for a couple of hours and then stop working. They may be blowing air but it will be warm air. Refrigerant coils freezing is another sign that you need to hire someone experienced with commercial HVAC installation and repair. A unit that is low on refrigerant will operate below freezing and form ice from moisture in the air. The ice will build up, block air flow, and can result in more costly repairs. Refrigerant leaks are also very harmful to the environment. The fluid is hazardous to people, animals, and plants. Older fluid types are said to be very bad for the ozone as well. Air conditioning operates on a closed loop and fluid should only be added if there is truly a leak in the unit.

A low charge can also decrease the efficiency of an air unit. When a unit has a low charge, it operates at a higher range than it should. The unit may need to be replaced if it runs on a low charge for a long time. Have a professional check the charge of your unit every year to ensure that it is operating well and in not in any danger. Refrigerant fluid can act as a lubricant for some compressors and loss of the fluid can result in a ruined compressor. Technicians common find fluid leaks while they are recharging air conditioning. A HVAC system that must be refilled several times a year may need to be replaced. Refilling should only have to happen yearly if at all.

You can prevent these and other problems by having your unit checked and serviced each spring. Servicing is essential for air conditioner efficiency. Components can become dirty and the build up is very hard on them. Debris around the outside unit can restrict air flow and reduce system performance. Parts can become run down and need to be repaired or replaced. Having your unit serviced ensures clean and working parts. Refrigerant charge and levels are checked before the unit is subjected to heavy summer use. Spring is slower for service professionals and it is easier for them to service a unit than to repair it.

An industrial air conditioning service can determine if an air unit needs recharging or has developed a leak. A commercial HVAC installation technician should check your unit every spring.


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