7 Questions To Ask About Your Home’s Heating System

Your home’s HVAC unit system is the heart of the home. There is a reason why they call it central air, because it is at the center of what makes your home inhabitable. Having your home at the ideal temperature makes all the difference when it comes to comfort and coziness. Maintaining the ability to monitor and control the cooling and heating preferences indoors while ensuring the home is properly ventilated and the air filtration system is working correctly, requires some basic understanding about your heating system. Here are 7 questions you always wanted to ask about it.

1. How can I keep my unit working optimally?

The best way to maintain your central air unit is to read the manual so you understand the basic functions of the unit and make sure you complete the regular maintenance on it. Changing air filters regularly and inspecting the unit periodically are some tasks that will help with longevity.

2. What is the importance of changing the air filter?

The air filter should be changed roughly once a month. Some units allow the purchase of special air filters that may only require changing every 3 months. Either way, changing out the air filters are very important. They control the quality of air being pushed through the unit by filtering out dust, dirt, allergens, and other miscellaneous debris.

3. Can I call someone to check up on my unit?

The best HVAC services offer house calls and inspections as well as periodic maintenance plans. Most customers find that they enjoy the service of having regularly scheduled service calls to maintain their air units.

4. What is included in a maintenance plan?

That depends on the company you choose, for most services a repair technician will come out and inspect the unit for normal wear and tear. They will make sure that there are no leaks, cracks, problems with tubing, venting, or ignition ( for the heater ) and complete the regularly scheduled maintenance which may include changing out air filters and topping off the coolant.

5. Should I have my air ducts cleaned?

The decision to have your air ducts cleaned depends on the condition they are in. Normal maintenance of the unit and consistent changing of the air filter should maintain clean and unobstructed air ducts. However, there are instances where previous owners or renters have not properly maintained the air unit and air duct cleaning may be required. When in doubt, contact a specialist to inspect it.

6. How will I know who is qualified to work on my unit?

Qualified technicians will be certified by the state and may even undergo special training in the specific brands that they install and service. You can usually go online and check on their websites for information regarding their credentials and licensure.

7. If my unit breaks down, should I buy a bigger unit?

In some instances, houses that were built long ago have smaller heating units installed that could be upgraded. However, heating units have become smaller and more efficient due to recent technological advancements. Talk with a reputable installation and repair service for more details.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions regarding your central air unit. Your comfort depends on it!


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