Till a few years back, people could easily live without using air conditioning (AC) systems. However, with a steady rise in summer temperatures all over US cities, the risk of people falling ill due to heat related reasons is increasing every year. The need to keep your air conditioning system in perfect working order is more than ever before.

Due to regular use of your air conditioning system, it is possible that the unit may suffer from minor technical problems. It is important to remember that, to avoid any major repair costs in the future it is necessary to check your AC regularly. Here are some common problems with air conditioning systems and ways to rectify them:

  • Noisy: When an AC runs for hours, like during the summer season, the fan tends to get slightly dislodged, which creates the grinding sound in the unit. Although this sort of sound does not hamper the normal operation of the appliance, it is enough to annoy anybody. The best remedy for this sort of problem is to put the belt of the fan back in place or you may also lubricate the different bearings in the motor.
  • Leaks: According to most US citizens, water leakage is one of the most common problems of any air conditioning system. Irrespective of the fact whether you own a window AC or a whole-house cooling system, any unit that uses an outdoor condenser would leak water, which in turn may damage the interior and exterior structures of your house. The best option in such problems is to check if the condensation pan has rusted or not. If it is in perfect order then chances are that the problem is due to a blocked drain.
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