For homes, industrial settings, and offices there are many heating systems with some more suitable for some locations than other. Two of the biggest differences are the power and size of the heating system. Regulating temperatures in a major shopping center or a high-rise building is different than regulating temperatures in a basement apartment or small home. No matter the setting the basic operating equipment is somewhat consistent.

Forced air system

This is the system that you most commonly in homes. It is also used in stores and offices. This system works by forcing air out into different parts of the home, building, or store through ductwork and vents. It is also referred to as a central heating system. The air can be heated using different methods like natural gas, electricity, oil, or propane.

Radiant heat

This system is acknowledged for the ability to create comfortable natural heat that is constant through the building. A central pump uses a system of hot water tubes that are installed in the ceiling panels or under the floor to distribute the heat. A boiler heats the water powered by natural gas, electricity, oil, or propane. To heat a room can take awhile because water has to be heated first before it can be circulated.


This system is also referred to as a baseboard system. Like radiant heat a boiler has to heat water for the system and then circulates the heat through tubes located in the baseboard heating units, which is affixed to a wall in every room of your home. This system is energy efficient, quiet, and fueled by natural gas, electricity, or oil. The temperature in each room is normally controlled by the person in the room. They are not controlled by a central thermostat.

Steam radiant

This system will heat a room through units that sit upright and are called radiators. They have one, maybe two pipes and can heat water in several methods like natural gas, electricity, or oil. These units can quickly warm a room and are energy efficient they can be a problem when it placing furniture. Nothing can be sat in from the radiators.


This is one of the more recent options for heating and can be found offices that are eco-conscious and homes. They use a natural heat that comes from under the ground. To install them it can be expensive but they will pay for themselves overtime. They energy-efficient and will not use much in the way of non-renewable resources like electricity. This means that your utility costs will be very low.

When thinking about a heating system think how much it will cost and how it will be powered to choose the best heating system.

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