Is Sealing Your Forced Air Ducts Worth the Money?

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Forced air-conditioning and heating units require ducts for the air to be pushed to the various areas of your home. Often, homeowners are surprised when purchasing a new HVAC system how important sealing duct systems are to the overall efficiency of your air-conditioning or furnace unit. Ducts and Energy-Efficiency Most people want the most energy-efficient air-conditioner [...]

Heating and Air-Conditioning Systems– Changing Filters is Good for Them, and for You

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“Everyone knows” you must change the filters in your heating and cooling units, right? This question may not seem as strange as it sounds. Many times, younger, newer homeowners don’t know that. For many months, and sometimes even longer than a year, the filter goes unchanged, until the air-conditioner, no longer with any airflow, dies a [...]

10 Steps to Ensure Your Furnace is Ready When You Are

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10 Steps to Prepare Your Furnace for the Coming Winter   As we head into the cooler seasons, it’s a time to start preparing your furnace for the coming cold. Following the below steps will help keep your HVAC system operating at peak performance and extend the longevity of your heater. Don’t wait until you need [...]