What You Need to Know About High-Efficiency AC. SEER Ratings Explained

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When you go shopping for a new AC, you will inevitably hear about SEER ratings. But what are they and what do you need to know? Energy Efficiency—What are AC SEER Ratings? SEER ratings stand for “Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio.” Yes, it is ratio, not rating, though many make this mistake. Basically, this energy is a [...]

Heating and Air-Conditioning Systems– Changing Filters is Good for Them, and for You

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“Everyone knows” you must change the filters in your heating and cooling units, right? This question may not seem as strange as it sounds. Many times, younger, newer homeowners don’t know that. For many months, and sometimes even longer than a year, the filter goes unchanged, until the air-conditioner, no longer with any airflow, dies a [...]

Regular Maintenance is Essential to Maintain Peak Operating Efficiency and Longevity

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Maintenance of your air conditioner is an essential part of your routine home maintenance. Most often, this is done at the beginning of spring or summer, before the air-conditioner will be in use fulltime. Servicing your air-conditioner will help extend both it’s life and helps keep it operating at peak efficiency, thus reducing your utility bills. [...]